A guide to cleansing & charging crystals.

Why do we need to cleanse our crystals? I feel to understand the importance of crystal cleansing lets take a look behind the science behind crystals and how they exactly work.

When crystals interact with fields of energy they absorb it like a sponge with water, how do they do this you may ask? Well, crystals are made up of two of the earth's elements, Oxygen (O) and Silicon (Si). When the atoms of these elements bond together they stabilise by arranging into a three-dimensional structure, and thus a crystal is born. 

The element Silicon is a natural conductor of electricity, giving it the ability to absorb, balance and amplify flowing energy. Crystals, more specifically the Crystal Quartz, is actually a common part found to be used in electronic devices such as computers, televisions, clocks, mobile devices and much more.

It is believed given the ability to absorb and amplify energy, when placed around your home or used in healing rituals, crystals will absorb any energy from whom it comes into contact with.

Without a regular cleansing, a crystal will hold onto whatever energy it has absorbed, whether it be positive or negative, and amplify it back into it's environment. Negative energy (for example anger, sadness ect.) is never what you want amplified around you and your environment, so to keep those bad vibes away, a regular cleansing for your crystals is necessary. 

So now we know we know the importance of cleansing our crystals, how do we do it? Although its not as simple as grabbing some soap and water, there are many methods that will suit everyone's lifestyle and budget.

In no way are the methods featured in this post are the only methods of crystal cleansing that exist. As a matter of fact, there are entire books written on this subject, but to keep it short and simple i will explain four methods I personally resonate with. Within each method I will list some pros and cons to hopefully help you find something that resonates with you also. 

Next I will go on to explain a few easy ways to charge your crystals up with love energy and positive intentions, and Voila! Your rock babies will be radiating nothing but good vibes around you and your sanctuary! 



Cleansing with smudge sticks derived from Indian-American culture, where they were used in sacred ceremonies to cleanse and bless places, items and people. Until this day smudging is by far one of the most popular methods used to cleanse energy. 

Photo by Brittany Colette on Unsplash

A smudge stick is usually made up of bundled sage tied together with twine or 100% cotton thread and left to dry out. Although many also like to add other types of herbs and flora to the bundle to add a variety of colour and aroma.

An alternative to smudging with sage is the burning of palo santo wood. Palo santo (or 'holy wood' when translated to the English language) is a tree native to the coast of South America. 

Photo by Aricka Lewis on Unsplash

Palo santo has been used by Shamans and spiritual medicine doctors for centuries. Not only is this bad boy known for its energy cleansing abilities, but it's sweet, subtle fresh aroma with underlying hints of mint and citrus can be used to relieve the symptoms of physical illnesses like headaches, sinus tension, common cold and flu, stress, depression, anxiety and even used as an air purifier!

To cleanse your crystals using the smudging method, its as simple as buying some palo santo sticks, pre-made smudge bundles, or simply even creating your own sage bundles at home!

Light up the end of your smudge stick of choice and waft the smoke around your crystals. Don't forget to have a dish at home for you to burn your smudge stick of choice on, as loose fly aways can fall to the floor. Many people will use for this a large shell, an ashtray, a ceramic plate - really matters what not, as long as it's burn proof!

Ok, so now for the pros and cons...


  • Smudging is a relatively cheap method of crystal cleansing (especially if you already have some ingredients you can use growing in your garden!), as you would only have to purchase the inexpensive materials to create your own smudge stick.
  • Alternatively, buying a pre-made smudge stick in Australia will set you back around $15 AUD.
  • Palo santo will genuinely come in packs of multiple, this will set you back around $10-15 AUD for a pack of 5-10.
  • If you are the creative type, you can channel your creativity into making your own works of art out of your smudge sticks. Plus this is the perfect way to play around with various herbs and flora you wouldn't usually otherwise.


  • Although the burning of herbs and flora can create a non-toxic pleasant scent around your environment, if you are the kind of person who can not stand the thought of any kind of smoke around you and your environment, you may want to try another method.


Sound is the movement of energy through the form of pressurised waves, waves of energy scientists find are so potent, can effect us at a cellular level. Using sound as a method of cleansing our crystals is extremely effective, and the use of a crystal or Tibetan singing bowl works perfectly for this. 

The use of singing bowls for energy cleansing originates all the way back from the 8th Century in Asian cultures, being used in sacred temples and monasteries. The rippling sounds of the singing bowls' notes immediate an instant centring effect that are said to connect one with the frequencies of the universe.

To cleanse your crystals using this method you would simply sit by your crystals and using the singing bowl's wand, run the wand along the bowl's inner edge following the circular shape of the bowl.

As the bowl begins to hum, the frequencies of the singing bowl's sound will project though the crystal cleansing it.

And that is all there is to it, quick and simple. This form of cleansing so powerful it is almost instantaneous! 


  • Singing bowls are very beautiful, spiritually stimulating tools to work with.
  • They can also be used to do spiritual healing on the self.
  • The are simple and clean tools making crystal cleansing mess free.
  • This cleansing method is pretty in instantaneous so if you are someone that lives a fast-paced life style, then the singing bowl could be for you! 
  • Singing bowls are a one-time purchase tool, meaning you would only need to purchase one of these once, and it will last you forever. 


  • Singing bowls are on the pricier side. The price tag on one of these beauties can start at $150 AUD. Although if you ask me, they are definitely worth the investment. 

Mother Earth

Returning to nature can be a soulful and grounding experience, and for crystals this is no exception. Why not try returning your crystals back to the place they were birthed from for a revitalising, natural cleansing, Mother Earth. 

Find a usable space in your yard that you can do some digging, and bury your crystals beneath the surface for a minimum of one full day. You will not have to bury your crystals to deep, just enough to cover them up, protecting them from the sun's rays, as they can destroy your crystals.

It is also best to mark the spot where you buried your crystals so you don't loose them! Also be aware that water and moisture can damage some crystal types, so its best not to attempt this method for those specific crystals. To find out which crystals are safe refer to the Mohs hardness scale of minerals, crystals that are moisture safe will score a hardness level of 5 or above.


  • Burying your crystals is the most natural method of crystal cleansing.
  • Using Mother Earth's pure and powerful energy to cleanse is suitable for every budget is cost free, although some love and gratitude in return sure wouldn't hurt!
  • If you happen to be a nature baby who loves to get your hands dirty, you will love this method.


  • From digging around in the ground, to unearthing your crystals back up and dusting them off, this method can get a little dirty. If you are one who is not fond of getting dirty, you may want to try another method.
  • This method is more time consuming then others.


Selenite is a crystal named after Selene; goddess of the moon. If you have even laid you eyes on one of these beauties, you would understand why. Like the moon, when infused with light the selenite crystal bursts with the most incredibly beautiful pearlescent sheen. 

Selenite comes in an array of colours such as blue, peach, green, orange and its most popular colour being white. Unlike most crystals, the selenite crystal vibrates at an extremely high frequency, giving it the ability to self cleanse and cleanse other crystals around it. 

Using selenite to cleanse energy is quite simple, as all you have to do is lay your crystals down on a slab of selenite and leave them to cleanse overnight. If your crystals are too large or you have too many to sit on top of a simple slab of selenite, another way is to use a selenite wand.

Using a selenite wand, brush the aura of your crystals in downward strokes, brushing off all of your crystals absorbed energy. Whilst doing this action, use your third eye to imagine any negative energies attached to your crystals simply detaching from your crystal and disappearing.


  • Using selenite is a relatively quick and easy method to cleanse your crystals.
  • Selenite is a beautiful addition to anyone's crystal collection.
  • Although selenite varies in price depending on what you are after, sitting on the crystal pricing spectrum, selenite sits on the cheaper end. The price of a wand begins at $15 AUD and the price of a cleansing plate begins at around $45 AUD.
  • Selenite can also be used to heal your own personal flow of energy.


  • No cons in my eyes, selenite makes a perfect little cleansing tool!


So now that our crystals are cleansed, before we place them back around our spaces its time to charge them back up with love energy and positive intentions. 

Full Moon

Every year there are around twelve lunar cycles, the full moon marking the midpoint of each cycle. During this point of the moon cycle the moon appears to be fully illuminated as it is sitting direct opposite from the sun.

This meeting of these two powerful sources in turn, projects a harmonised balance of mighty lunar and solar (yin and yang) energy. Yin or lunar represents our feminine energy; our subconscious mind, emotions, dreams and desires. And yang or solar, represents our masculine energy; our conscious mind, identity, personality and ego.

 Photo by Linda Xu on Unsplash

Are you aware that through the meeting of these two energies (or what we know as the full moon) from a massive 384,400 kilometres away, the frequencies birthed from this phenomenon are powerful enough to influence the Earth's ocean! This is a tremendous amount of energy that we actually have the ability to harness and align behind our manifestations. 

 Given this ability, charging you crystals under the moonlight on the night of a full moon is a very popular way to charge your crystals. Keeping track of when there is an upcoming full moon is as simple as keeping a moon phase calendar. 

 After sunset on the night of a full moon gather your crystals and take them outdoors, organise them on top of a patch of earth in your yard. As you place them down name your intention for each crystal. For example, if you are charging a rose quartz, depending on your intentions, you may want to say, "I ask the divine energy of the moon to bless my family and home with unconditional love". Or perhaps if you happen to be charging a piece of agate you may want to say "I ask the divine energy of the full moon to give me strength and courage".

No matter where you are at in life, you can set you intentions upon what you need. Thank the moon for using it's energy and leave them out overnight. At sunrise collect your crystals and bring them back inside, avoid leaving them outdoors past sunrise, as exposing them to the sun's ray could leave them damaged.


 Positive affirmations are an overall powerful and beneficial tool to use in your life. The thoughts you think and the words you speak are all vibrational energy and once you understand this concept, you will understand the power behind words and thought. 

Every time you think a thought or speak a word you are emitting electromagnetic frequencies from your self into the universe. Thoughts and words are the creator - as without them, there would be no creation. So this energy you release, whether positive or negative is essentially on you. 

Using the energy of positive affirmations is a wonderful way to charge your crystals. After cleansing your crystals, one by one hold a crystal in the palm of your hand. Your palms actually being powerful energy points (chakras): your non-dominant hand is the energy point where energy flows in, and your dominant hand being the energy point where energy flows out. You will want to use whichever palm is on you dominant hand. 

Close your eyes, take some deep breaths to clear your mind and fall into a relaxed state, now just chant the intentions you desire; I am loved, I am worthy, I am successful. Whatever the message frequencies your crystals pick up, this is what energy will be amplified back into your space, so keep your thoughts positive and intentions pure. 

"Your personal vibration or energy state is a blend of the contracted or expanded frequencies of your body, emotions and thoughts at any given moment. The more you allow your soul to shine through you, the higher your personal vibration will be" -Penny Peirce (American Author)

So there we go, a complete guide to cleansing and charging crystals. These methods can be done daily, weekly, monthly, or whenever you feel your crystals need a bit of extra love. I hope this deep look into crystal care is helpful, have fun spending this one on one time with your crystal tribe!

Until next time,

La Lune Crystals xx

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